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    Is there anything that states the modification to extend services can exceed the original base period.


    There is truly not enough information to provide an accurate answer; therefore we must just provide you areas to review to derive your own, complete answer as dictated by the details of the acquisition.  First you must review the terms and conditions of the contract - are there terms and conditions contained in the contract that allows for an extension?  That should be the initial guide post.  If nothing exists, then you must review the applicable acquisition strategy in conjunction with the authority that supported the initial contract award and determine if it provides for an extension.  And finally, our regulations provide guidance.  Given the circumstances of that procurement and the need for additional time or services, what guidance does the Federal Acquisition Regulation and any supplemental organizational regulation and policy provide.  Once you walk through these guide posts and apply the information to the circumstances, you should be able to answer the questions for your given situation.

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