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    1. Is this an out of scope change for the solicitation already in progress issued on FBO? 2. What is the regulatory reference to determine scope changes for buildings? For example if a roof is being added to Bldg 1, and Civil Engineering says since we have a roofer out here, why not add Bldg 2 to the same project. 3. I really get confussed with Voice and data drops determining if they are a construction and service. I like to include them in construction projects. Often COMM is handled seperately from a renovation. I often see the comm install lag behind after the renovation of the building. COMM installs may involve elements of constructions and generally include cable pulls, installing cable trays, drilling through walls, and trenching with a mostly electrician labor mix. However, the COMM could avoid most of the construction elements and involve more of technician labor mix depending on the contractors im told that the SCA increases labor cost over construction WD's.


    1.  It is best to address the scope issue with your program attorney; however, one question to consider is whether the potential offerors would have reasonably contemplated the added work given the solicitation that was issued?  Is it reasonable to expect to be directed to do similar work in a different location?  If not, then it is probably out of scope and you should modify the solicitation to add the other locations, or at least provide notice in the solicitation that other locations may be added.  GAO refers to this as the "Scope of the Competition" test. 

    2. Rules for determining scope changes are generally a result of GAO or court cases.  The Government has the right to make changes to specific elements of the contract under the applicable Changes clause (52.243-1 through -4); however you still need to consider the scope.  GAO/courts use the Scope of the Contract and Scope of the Competition analysis to determine whether the directed change is in or out of scope.

    3.  Defining the breadth and scope of a particular procurement should be a discussion among the project team; specifically whether to issue one or two contract vehicles should be part of the approved acquisition strategy and should consider all benefits and risks or cost drivers associated with the chosen strategy.

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