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    Is an individual nominated as a COR required to take the mandated COR training (CLC 222) if they are already level 3 certified in contracting and formerly were an appointed Contracting Officer? If not, where can I find the exception?


    We agree that this could be a frustrating situation to be in.
    In the near future (hopefully), a new Department of Defense Instruction on the COR program is expected to be published.  Once published, it is anticipated that this DoDI will address the scenario you describe.  We expect the DoDI to allow contracting officers the option to waive COR specific training for COR nominees who have obtained a minimum of Level II “Certification in Contracting” (1102 job series), “Industrial Property Management” (1103 job series), or “Quality Assurance” (1910 job series).
    Note of caution, there is the possibility this language could be deleted or modified once the DoDI is finalized and published.
    Unfortunately, the current guidance and policy does NOT give contracting officers this flexibility or authority.  This guidance is found in Appendix C of the DOD COR HDBK dated 22 Mar 2012.  You can find a copy of the DoD COR HDBK at the following two links:
    More importantly, the handbook references the current DoD policy:  Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology & Logistics) Memorandum, “DoD Standard for Certification of Contracting Officer’s Representatives (COR) for Services Acquisitions,” 29 March 2010.
    On the positive side for you; as a Contracting DAWIA Level III certified employee… completing and passing CLC 222 should be very quick and easy for you and will give you 32 CLPs.

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