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    Is there a way to correct this error and modify the contract to now reflect the original intent and make the "option CLINS" actual options? If not, how should we proceed with ordering services for FY15? If the CLINS cannot be corrected, my thought is to do a bilateral modification to add the new Wage Determination and Local Incremental Funding Clause, then do the Task Order to order the services for FY15.


    To answer the question from the contract writing program perspective, the contract specialist would have to modify the contract and turn the three supposedly option years back to "option".  This is done by just changingthe "drop down" from blank to option. That action will decrease the contract value on their Contract
    Action Report.  For exercising the first option year, I would just add text at the beginning of the modification stating "CLINs ..... are being exercised".
    The modification will show that CLINS have been changed to "OPTION".

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