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    Regarding the rumored 3-in-1 tool that was rumored to replace the SF 44: Where would we find a useful training presentation on it's capabilities? Will we actually see this product implemented into our CCO toolsets?


    This is a great question!  First, the 3-in-1 has been implemented and it has hit the streets!  Second, JCCS is still the lead for this effort.  It will never completely replace the SF44, but there are rules/policy in place that describe WHEN the 3-in-1 will be used in place of the SF44.
    Now, on to your specific questions…
    You can find an overview of the 3-in-1 tool including General Information (brochures, presentations and manuals) as well as Training (videos and manuals) at this web site: (note, click the “more information” link under the 3-in-1 logo rather than the “LAUNCH” button)
    In addition, the DLA JCCS program office is creating on-line training that will be hosted by DAU.  Currently the training is going through the SCORM and 508 compliance review process.  For the last six months, DAU has been piloting a demonstration of the 3-in1 tool in select CON 234 - Joint Contingency Contracting Courses.  We hope to include this demonstration in all of our 234 offerings within the next few months.
    The DLA/JCCS program office has been busy traveling to units (both CONUS and OCONUS) and conducting mass training.  If you want more information when your unit may be receiving this training, I recommend you contact the following:
    Unfortunately, we are unable to predict if and when the 3-in-1 will be implemented into your CCO toolkits.
    In closing; if you go to the following DPAP Contingency website:
    You will find a link to the 3-in-1 JCCS page I referenced above.  You will also find the Department of Defense Contingency Business Environment Guidebook.  Page 2 of the guidebook discusses when use of the 3-in1 Tool is mandatory.

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