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    Can a Contracting Officer change the PSC after it has been assigned? How can a contractor get the PSC code changed?


    Let me tackle something you asked in the ‘Question Background’ first; there is nothing that prohibits a contractor from asking a contracting officer to modify the contract to change the existing PSC to something different.
    We found nothing in the Federal Acquisition Regulations or any agency or service Supplement that prevents a contracting officer from changing the PSC.  We also found nothing in the Federal Procurement Data System-Product and Service Codes Manual, dated August 2011 which would prohibit changing the PSC.  A copy of the manual can be downloaded from the following web site:
    The existing policy is that for a given contract action, the product or service code (PSC) should be selected based on the predominant product or service that is being purchased and government officials are required to report as accurately as possible.  The contracting officer, with consultation from the requiring activity, decides the appropriate PSC.
    The only way a contractor could get a PSC changed would be to convince the contracting officer to issue a modification along with a new contract action report (CAR) to FPDS-NG reflecting the change.  Factors that would go into the decision to modify the contract/order include the nature of competition used in the initial award and whether or not the PSC might have changed the field of original competition… which could necessitate the need for a “scope determination”.

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