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    FAR 6.501 requires that agencies designate a competition advocate, but is a notice in the Federal Register required?


    Per HUDAR: 2406.501 Requirement. “The Senior Procurement Executive is the head of the agency for the purposes of FAR 6.501 <>  and designates the Departmental competition advocate.”


    FAR 1.301(b) prescribes the guidance for Agencies to use for publishing a Federal Register notice for comment.  It also mandates Agencies establish “procedures” to make sure this happens.


    It is our opinion that HUD identifying a Competition Advocate is an internal operating procedure, as such does not require (or mandate) a Federal Registry notice.  That said, we highly recommend you contact the office of the HUD Senior Procurement Executive with this question; there is a chance that their internal procedures have codified a Federal Register notice be published when a new Competition Advocate is assigned.

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