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    Can the Government extend a posted solicitation for an additional three months, while we wait for final solicittation documents to be delivered?


    I have good news for you (I think), in a word – ABSOLUTELY you may amend the solicitation and extend the proposal/bid due date.  Of course, the contracting officer is going to have to issue the amendment.
    In fact, the guidance found in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Agency Supplements would highly encourage that course of action based on the question background you provided.  This assumes the Water Survey is critical information prospective bidders/offerors would require to develop and submit an accurate and complete bid or proposal.
    The following is provided in the event you require some references or citations to help support this recommendation or decision:
    If your method of procurement is Invitation for Bids, the guidance can be found at FAR 14.208 – Amendment of Invitation for Bids.  A link can be found here:
    In this case you definitely need to make “changes to the specifications” specifically the official “Water Survey”.
    If your method of procurement is Contracting by Negotiation (Source Selection), the guidance can be found at FAR 15.206 – Amending the Solicitation.  A link can be found here:
    Like above, in this instance the government needs to make “changes to the terms and conditions” (i.e. specifications) and again this is the official “Water Survey”.
    Note:  Similar guidance is also in place if you were using simplified acquisition procedures or ordering off of Federal Supply Schedules; so the answer would be the same.

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