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    Is there a model either in another service or school house that I can use as a skeleton or template to establish our program here? Perhaps an SOP is available. I also am interested in talking with someone that has a successful CMRA program. I think that the Army is well ahead of the rest of the services. I look forward to communicating with anyone that can help guide or advise me in this endeavor. My number and email are listed as appropriate. thanks LTC Wm Pontes


    "Originally, the Contractor Manpower Reporting Application (CMRA) was designed to collect information on funding source, contracting vehicle, organization supported, mission and function performed, and labor hours and costs for contracted efforts providing services to the Department of the Army from contractors and Army activities requiring contracted services from supporting contracting offices. The data reported utilizes an application called CMRA to capture the required information. The Contractor Manpower Reporting enables the Army to: fully understand the composition of the Army workforce (military, civilian, contractor), and allows for more informed decisions on workforce staffing and funding decisions; provide better oversight of the total Army workforce to avoid duplication of effort or shifting of in-house reductions to contract; and better account for and explain the total workforce. 
    The Enterprise-wide Contractor Manpower Reporting Application (eCMRA) is an implementation of Section 2330a of title 10, United States Code (10 USC 2330a).  It requires the Secretary of Defense submit to Congress an annual inventory of contracts for services performed during the prior fiscal year for or on behalf of the Department of Defense (DoD). The inventory must include the number of contractor employees using direct labor hours and associated cost data collected from contractors.  All department of the DoD are now affected. 
    DAU does not have a model or template for structuring or establishing a CMRA program.  There is, however, a helpful web-site which contains specific guidance for USSOCOM.  The web site is:  Please select "All Other Defense Components" and register.  There is also a phone number which can provide assistance: 855-723-2672.
    The following website contains some information for near-term Near-Term (FY2012) Actions for 10 USC 2330a Compliance: of Defense Compliance Plan for Section 8108(c) of Public Law 112-10 - Nov 22, 2011.pdf
    Additionally OSD provides information on CMRAs through the following individuals: Mr. John Tenaglia ( and Mr. Jeffrey Grover ( within Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics; and Ms. Amy Parker ( and Mr. Thomas Hessel ( within Personnel and Readiness.
    Another helpful website might be: Contractor Manpower Reporting Application memorandum.pdf
    This site provides an OSD memo concerning the "Enterprise-wide Contractor Manpower Reporting Application".
    And finally, the Department of the Navy discusses their CMRA program through a briefing by Denise Randolph which can be found at:
    These websites and contacts should be adequate for helping you establish a successful CMRA program for SOCOM."

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