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    Does DAU know of a commonly recognized definition for "automated Testing"? Is there any reference materials or white papers you can point me to? Thanks you.


    MIL-STD-1309D Definitions of Terms for Testing, Measurement and Diagnostics defines :
    3.1.46 Automatic test. That performance assessment, fault detection, diagnosis, isolation, and prognosis which is performed with a minimum of reliance on human intervention. This may include BIT. [built-in-test]
    As a standard, this is only authoritative if you cite it for compliance, so this is not a mandatory definition, but they might find it useful as a starting point.
    (The standard also has several related definitions: Automatic check-out equipment, Automatic monitoring equipment (AME), Automatic self-test, Automatic self-calibration, Automatic test equipment, Automatic test Program Generator (ATPG), Automatic test system, etc)

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