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    Does a document exist that gives a novice the nitty-gritty details in a step-by-step format that a first-grader could understand (i.e., so I don't need a Ph.D. in logistics or cost estimating to understand the guidance) on how to develop an LRFS from start to finish? I don't need motherhood about what it is, it's purpose, why it's important, how it relates to the President's budget, or any of that stuff. I need material at the working level to actually develop the LRFS, from developing the Costs Data Worksheets, to using the LRFS Excel Worksheet, etc. Does such material exist anywhere? If yes, where and how do I access it? Thanks in advance. Bill


    Your best resource would be the Naval Center for Cost Analysis:  Additionally, any NAVAIRSYSCOM Program Office Product Support Manager, Logistician, or Budget Finance Manager (BFM), should be able to point him to the appropriate office at NAVAIR (AIR-6.0) for the appropriate information. 

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