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    Can GPC be used to purchase shadow box for military retiree's medals, badges, and US flag? Is there a threshold to how much we can spend on these items?


    No, the GPC can't be used to purchase a shadow box for a military retiree's medals, badges, and US flag.  I've attached an excerpt from Air Force Instruction (AFI) 65-601 Volume 1 that authorizes the use of O&M funds to purchase flags for retiring service members.  This excerpt also specifically states that display boxes for the flag are not authorized by this law.  Although I was unable to find any threshold for the cost of a flag, a 3/27/2014 AAP response, entitled "Purchasing Military Flags",  listed a MILPER Message that provided GSA stock number 8345-00682-6857 for a 3'X5' flag.
    AFI65-601V1 16 AUGUST 2012
    4.67. U.S. Flag for Active Duty Military Retirees. The FY 99 Authorization Act (P.L. 105- 261), Section 644 (c) (Codified in 10 U.S.C. 8681) directs that ―upon release of a member of the Air Force from active duty for retirement, the Secretary of the Air Force shall present a United States flag to the member.‖ As stated in the statute, ―The presentation of a flag under this section shall be at no cost to the recipient.‖ The flag will, in fact, be presented by the organization from which the individual is retiring and not the SECAF. The flag will be funded from the installation‘s O&M-type account. Obtaining flags flown over the U.S. Capital for presentation at retirement are eligible for funding from O&M. The use of appropriated funds to procure a display box for a retirement flag is not authorized by this statute.

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