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    Is there a kind of standard or rule of thumb related to cost of TADSS? PEO STRI is asking for 7% of our overall budget for the whole program to deliver a product that they are already getting funding for from mulitple sources. They have locked themselves in with a proprietary product in a sole source contract. With the cost to the vendor and all of STRI's super exhorbitant pass throughs the effort is unaffordable. I have no basis to compare to though. Is there any type of average or standard for these ?


    There is no rule of thumb here.

    You must negotiate with PEO STRICOM on why they are charging you so much money for a government purchased and developed software application. 

    When you negotiate with them, remind them of the DoDI 5000.02, "Operation of the Defense Acquisition System" 7 January 2015 mandate for Open Systems Architecture (OSA).

    PEO STRICOM is supposed to be using and abiding by the Open Systems Architecture (OSA) which is part of the OSD initiatives on Better Buying Power (BBP). 
    Per DoDI 5000.02, "Operation of the Defense Acquisition System" 7 January 2015, Enclosure 3, Paragraph 14:
    "OPEN SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURES. Program managers are responsible for applying open systems approaches in product designs where feasible and cost-effective. Open systems and modular architectures provide valuable mechanisms for continuing competition and incremental upgrades, and to facilitate reuse across the joint force. Program management will use open systems architecture design principles to support an open business model (see paragraph 6a(4) in Enclosure 2 of this instruction)."

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