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    Does anyone know how to determine if your Form 9 is OCO funded, is there a code on it? I cannot find anything except "90D" which is base ops, there is no ESP code. So how can I prove this Form 9 is in suuport of contigency operations? Please respond as soon as you can. thank you.


    First, if you have not already done so – PLEASE get the Contracting, Finance, Comptroller and Contracting JAG back at AFCENT HQs at Shaw AFB involved ASAP!!!
    Also, not all contingency contracts are funded with OCO and not all contracts funded with OCO are in support of a contingency operation.  But you were on the right track as normally the ESP code would tell you if the funds are in support of a contingency operation.  The purpose of the contract, who the customer is, where the customer or requiring activity is, etc. are also excellent ways to prove the contract is in support of a contingency or emergency operation.

    Back to your specific question:
    The USAF (circa 2011 or 2012) has established separate appropriations for FY OCO funds, eight in all for FY15.  I am going to guess that you are most likely using AF “Operations and Maintenance OCO”.  There is a slight chance you might use “Other Procurement OCO”.
    If you look at your long ling of accounting on the Form 9, the four numbers that occupy the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh places identifies your appropriation.  As an example, if you had FY15 Air Force (normal not OCO) O&M funds (3400) it would look like this:
      57 5 3400 (followed by a whole bunch of additional numbers
    You can tell if the funding is OCO because the appropriation now covers five spaces, the new (5th) space will have the letter “f” in the eighth position of the LOA.
      57 5 3400f (would be FY15 AF O&M OCO)
      57 5 3080f (would be FY 15 AF Other Procurement OCO)
    The following link will take you to the Air Force budget site.

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