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    What is the appropreiate FAR reference to use when cancelling a GSA solicitation due to price reasonableness?


    It is not clear in the scenario if the proposed acquisition was being conducted using SAP, i.e. under $150,000.  I am assuming the purchase to be cancelled is under $150,000. 

    With that in mind (and for all acquisitions) the contracting office is required to address the issue of a fair and reasonable price.  In your circumstance you cannot make that determination and the scenario does not indicate the need to purchase if not getting a fair and reasonable price.  Given that, an appropriate citation would be :

    13.106-3 -- Award and Documentation.
    (a) Basis for award. Before making award, the contracting officer must determine that the proposed price is fair and reasonable.
    Followed by words to the effect that the solicitation is being cancelled as I cannot make the above determination that the price is fair and reasonable.

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