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    What are the correct numbers to put in the 10-13 digits for GSA Buys?


    It should be noted that the FAR does not specifically address PIID for GSA buys or gives specific guidance for just Positions 10-13.  However, FAR does provide general PIID guidance and specifics for Positions 10-17 that all agencies should follow.  With keeping that in mind and according to FAR Sub-Part 4.1603 (a)(4) – Procedures, the PIID consists of a combination of thirteen to seventeen alpha and/or numeric characters sequenced to convey certain information.  Reference Positions 10 through 17, this sub-part states that the issuing agency assigns the numbers for these positions.  Agencies may choose a minimum of four characters up to a maximum of eight characters to be used, but the same number of characters must be used agency-wide.  If a number less than the maximum is used, do not use leading or trailing zeroes to make it equal the maximum in any system or data transmission.  A separate series of numbers may be used for any type of instrument listed in paragraph 4.1603 (a)(3). An agency may reserve blocks of numbers or alpha-numeric numbers for use by its various components. You can also go to FAR Sub-Part 4.1603 (a)(5) to see a properly configured PIID illustration. 
    Since we do not have all the facts regarding this matter, it is highly recommended that you consult with your contracting officer or legal office before proceeding any further.

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