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    Would FAR 52.227.14 Rights in Data-General be sufficient? The work classifies as Special Works under 27.405-1 (a) (1) and (4). Thank you.


    Paragraph (d) of the clause pertaining to Special Works at FAR 52.227-17, Rights in Data — Special Works, prohibits the contractor from using the content produced for performance of the contract for any other purpose without written permission of the contracting officer. That clause should accomplish what you are seeking. The clause at FAR 52.227-14, Rights in Data — General, would also accomplish this purpose, as paragraph (d)(2) of the clause refers to restrictions on the contractor's use of the data that are "expressly set for in the contract." Of course this would require that the contract include any such restrictions. Because this issue pertains to specific legal rights, please consult with your organization's legal counsel for a more authoritative response.

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