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    Does a SOW or PWS have to go out with a sources sought synopsis?


    In a word – NO; there is absolutely no requirement to release a SOW or PWS with your Sources Sought Synopsis.  Some times, the SOW/PWS are not even completed yet during this phase of the pre-award cycle.  See FAR Subpart 5.204 for guidance and additional references on pre-solicitation notices.
    The SOW or PWS will be part of your solicitation; therefore they are only released when issuing the solicitation, or a draft RFP if you plan to do that.  However, there is nothing that prohibits you from including a copy of the SOW or PWS with the sources sought synopsis.  But if you do… I would HIGHLY encourage you to include language that states something along the lines of “Please be advised that the SOW/PWS is subject to change.  Offerors are reminded to use the SOW/PWS in the solicitation (when released) in preparing their offers.”

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