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    Echelons of Maintenance (1-5) are terms used by the Marine Corps. See MCO (Marine Corps Order) P4790.2C Part 1 w/CH 1-2 at
    "Para 2.d. Maintenance Levels. Maintenance is divided into field and depot level maintenance. Field and depot level maintenance are divided into maintenance categories and echelons as follows:
    {1) The categories of maintenance and corresponding echelons of maintenance {EOM) are organizational {first and second echelons), intermediate {third and fourth echelons), and depot (fifth echelon).
    Para 2.d.(2)(b) Second EOM is maintenance performed by specially trained personnel in the organization. Appropriate publications authorize the second EOM, additional tools and necessary "'parts, supplies, test equipment, and skilled personnel to perform maintenance beyond the capabilities and facilities of first echelon. This includes performance of scheduled maintenance, diagnosis and isolation of readily traced equipment malfunctions, replacement of major assemblies/modular components which can be readily removed/installed and do not require critical adjustment, and replacement of easily accessible piece parts not authorized at first echelon."

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