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    A subcontractor (large business) performing a CPFF type subcontract we have awarded to them and working under the guide lines of the FAR and has submitted an invoice showing: 1. Invoice Line Items for labor showing only labor hours worked and total cost (total cost shows all overhead, fringe and G&A) Example Jim Smith Hours 4 Amount $100.00 Note. Subcontractor has approved provisional billing rates for this year. 2. In addition his proposal and invoice do not show Position / trade names of the individual billing labor hours only shows their name. What is the requirement / Far location which states how detailed and what degree of breakout should a invoice be submitted on when using a CPFF type contract.


    I'm unaware of any detailed FAR description of what is specifically required to be detailed in the invoice. However, a more basic consideration is that if the Government contracting officer is not satisfied with the level of detail, he/she will not authorize payment of the invoice. As a result, the prime contractor will likely withhold payment from the subcontractor that did not provide a sufficiently detailed invoice. So the "requirement" is what the contracting officer needs to see to authorize payment.

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