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    Is it now acceptable practice to combine "LT" in Block 7 and "A" in Block 8 on DD Form 1423?


    DoD 5050.12-M, Section C3., specifically limits the use of the “Approval Code” of “A,” in block 8, to “[i]tems of critical data requiring specific advanced written approval before distribution of the final data item.”  In regards to block 7, C3. states that “[a] letter of transmittal is not appropriate when an inspection of the data is required.”  It goes on to say that the code “LT is used when the contracting agency requires a record of delivery but does not desire to have a DD Form 250 for every piece of data developed by the contractor.”  The instruction does not prohibit the use of the codes together; so the flexibility for interpretation and application exists.  However, it would be wise to consult with local guidance to see if any constraints or directives exist.  Additionally, it is important to verify that items that are being captured with an Approval Code of “A” are truly limited to items of a critical nature as described in the DoD instruction.

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