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    Can a vendor request a debriefing for a competitive cooperative Agreement Notice?


    Typically, the Cooperative Agreement Notice explains the debriefing procedures and/or includes a reference to the Guidebook for Proposers Responding to a NASA Research Announcement or Cooperative Agreement Notice, January 2015.  Apparently, your notice (solicitation) lacked this information.  Nevertheless, the answer is in the Guidebook,  Appendix C.6  -  Debriefing of Proposers:
    “A Proposer has the right to be informed of the major factor(s) that led to the acceptance or rejection of his/her proposal.  Debriefings may be entirely oral (usually by telephone) or entirely in writing, or a combination of the two.  A Proposer may request an in-person debriefing at NASA, but NASA funds cannot be used to defray travel costs.  Again, it is emphasized that nonselected Proposers should be aware that proposals of nominally high intrinsic and programmatic merits may be declined for reasons entirely unrelated to any scientific or technical weaknesses per se (ref. Section C.5.1).
    Written debriefings may include an anonymous copy of the proposal’s peer review.  Only the peer review(s) that form the basis for the acceptance/rejection decision shall be provided to the Proposer.  Individual reviews that were not considered by NASA in the selection decision shall not be provided to the Proposer.  In particular, when a peer review panel generates an evaluation for NASA, this evaluation shall be provided to the Proposer and the individual reviews shall not be provided to the Proposer.  When there is no panel evaluation and the selection decision is based only on individual reviews, the individual reviews may be provided to the Proposer (ref. Section C.3).
    The nonselection of a proposal does not restrict the submission of a similar or even the same effort by the Proposer(s) in response to appropriate future NASA solicitations or to other appropriate funding agencies or organizations.  However, if a proposal to NASA is contemplated, Proposers are strongly urged to carefully consider the entirety of comments offered during their debriefing, as well as the proposal guidelines given in Section 1.7, before making the decision to resubmit the same, or nearly the same, proposal.  Merely correcting any perceived deficiencies in a proposal as noted by a review process for one NRA in no way guarantees a higher rating in another solicitation.”

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