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    Can appropriated funds be used to purchase picture frames that will be given to military personnel along with their promotion certicifate or awards certificate.


    Per the GAO Red Book, Volume I, Chaper 4 part 13, Items that are classified as personal expenses or personal furnishings may not be purchased with appropriated funds without specific statutory authority.  Generally an item may be purchased if the purchase is consistent with work-related objectives and the items to be purchased are not "personal convenience" items. The determination of "necessity" is within the agency’s discretion, subject to the regulations. Given the various discussions in the GAO Red Book, the purchase of a frame for an award certificate would appear to be a personal item and appropriated funds should not be used.  However if your organization has MWR (nonappropriated) funds, they may be an alternative source of funds for the purchase of frames for an award.

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