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    Is it logical and permissible for the PM and COR roles to be performed by the same person?


    This is a classic case of where the answer is “it depends”.  We agree completely on how you define the roles of the PM (represents the requiring activity) and the COR (eyes and ears of the contracting officer).  But that does not mean there should be any conflicts of interest, so long as COR duties are performed in full accordance and compliance with the Letter of Designation.
    Many organizations within DoD have non Defense Acquisition Workforce personnel serve as both PM and COR.  This actually serves both the requiring activity and the contracting office very, very well.  The contract is put into place in order to help the requiring activity meet its mission.  The more the COR knows about the mission and contract requirement (PM type role) the more they will know if contract performance is adequately helping to meet the mission needs.  In the event it is not, corrective action and changes can be discussed with the contracting officer sooner, rather than later.

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