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    How long is this certificate/training good? Will any of these courses need to be retaken?


    Great question; we suspect there may be some confusion on this within the workforce.
    CLCs and CLMs, etc. do not have an expiration date at the DoD level.  However some organizations may determine they do.
    That said, when it comes to the COR related learning assets (CLC’s 106, 206, and 222 as well as COR 222), these also do not technically have mandatory time limit at the DoD level.  However, please refer to/see DoDI 5000.72 - DoD Standard for Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) Certification, Enclosure 5 Qualification Requirements for CORS.  Paragraph 5 of this enclosure discusses refresher training.  Refresher training is required every three (3) years for active CORs or two (2) years if the individual has not been a COR for two years, see table 2, 3, and 4 on pages 26, 27 and 28.

    Note:  Many/most DoD organizations have determined that CLCs 106, 206 and 222 constitute refresher training as currently there is no “COR Refresher Training” course at the DoD level.  Therefore, within those organizations these courses may have a time limit of 3 years, or shorter if the organization determines a shorter timeline; organizations are within their right to make the requirements stricter.
    Finally, the DoDI reference above mandates DoD Components establish a COR Coordinator position(s).  One of the duties of this position (see enclosure 2, paragraph 2.e.) is to “Develop policies and procedures for designation, training, development, management, and certification of CORs consistent with this instruction.”  We encourage you to find your component’s COR Coordinator and seek their input.  The DoDI has replaced the requirement to take CLM 003 with an annual requirement to take Agency develop Ethics Training.

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