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    Under FAR 52.245-1 (Apr 2012) paragraph (k) does the CO have the authority to abandon in place? My interpretation is that this an acquisition decision and reserved for personal who are administrating these contracts.


    Yes, the CO has the authority to abandon Government contract property.  However, he/she MUST comply with the laws and regulations relative to screening, redistribution, and disposal of contractor inventory (e.g., Federal Management Regulation Subchapter B §§102-36.305 through 102-36.330 and §102-38.70 and FAR 45.6 Reporting, Reutilization, and Disposal).

    The CO may retain the function of screening, redistribution, and disposal of contractor inventory, BUT those actions are generally performed by a plant clearance officer within a contract administration office (FAR 42.302 Contract Administration Functions).

    You should also reference Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation 945.670-1 - Plant clearance function.

    “If the plant clearance function has not been formally delegated to another Federal agency, the contracting officer shall assume responsibilities of the plant clearance officer identified in 48 CFR 45.606.3”

    The subject has also been addressed in a previous Ask A Professor question.

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