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    Can I pay for regular labor and over time labor with that CLIN


    In my experience, overtime is usually a separate CLIN. 

    The question title ("Co-mingling of O&M and RDTE funds") gives me pause in that I don't want you to violate the Purpose Statue which is u
    sing funds for other than an appropriation’s intended purpose. 

    Thus, I would create two separate CLINS, one for the O&M Labor and the second for RDTE labor, to ensure that you're using the funds for their intended purpose.  Another option is to have a CLIN and two sub-line items (ex., 0001AA for RDTE and 0001AB for OM&N efforts). I might even go further and spell out in an H-Clause my intent on use of these CLINs or CLIN and Sub-Line Items.

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