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    I have been trying to find a clause or FAR regulation that clearly details the requirement for a funded storage agreement but I have been unable to locate one. Is there any information regarding storage? (I have the property FAR 45.103, 45.402, 52.245-1 (j) (6) and also 46.505 but I am hoping to be able to provide information to the company so they can get a release from the Buying agency to dispose or shipping instructions, and if they can't get that, then to let the Agency know they will begin charging for storage. (They build large drone aircraft which takes up a lot of room.) Thank you, Melanie


    As a result of a follow-up question on specifics from the DAU/DSMC-Int'l Professor assigned responsibility for responding, the requestor (DCMA) confirmed that they had resolved the contractor large item Foreign Military Sales (FMS) storage issue by transferring the responsibility (and cost) for contractor storage of the FMS item from the originating FMS contract to a new FMS order established under an existing Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA).

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