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    Is there a regulatory requirement (U. S. Law, FAR, etc.) that supports my Contracting Department's position on COR assignment?


    In a word… NO; there is no regulatory guidance at the DoD level that mandates where a COR should be located.
    The limited DoD guidance on COR location can be found at:
    - Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations, PGI 201.602-2(d)(V)
    - DoDI 5000.72, Encl 3, paragraph 1.b.(2), and
    - The DoD COR Handbook

    But these only state that the contracting officers should consider multiple CORs or Alternate CORs when contract performance will be in multiple regions or remote geographic locations for performance, the need for constant surveillance, or size of requirement.
    The contracting officer and requiring activity, in your instance, should consider what tasks are being delegated to the COR from the contracting officer and determine the location the COR should be in.  But if you think about it, the COR should probably be where a large percentage of the work to be performed is.
    Are there government personnel co-located where the contractor is performing?  Perhaps those organizations could/should be contacted to see if they have the manpower to support a COR Designation.

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