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    Ability One Questions: Ability One is a mandatory source with a statutory competition exception, but appears not to provide a CO with a direct sole source authority such as HUBZONE, 8a, or Veteran sole source. I believe the proper procedure would be to execute a sole source contract by having the customer submit a sole source letter, execute a J/A citing a sole source authority, and complete a 2579 small business coordination form, and post the J/A on FBO for the required days; correct? A statutory limitation on full and open competition is different from a sole source correct? In that a sole source would need a J/A and a valid reason whereas limit full and open means restricting competition to just Ability One firms for example? So for this acquisition I would have to seek adequate competition (three or more) from other ability one stores, but do have an authority to limit competition to ability one firms only and also do not have to post in a public place? I'm not certain if the MORD is appropriate. I'm not aware if we can go direct to the Ability One store and procure the NSN stock items with a MORD. The purchase consists of uniform items like shirts, web belts, cold weather, bags, etc. It would make sense to perhaps MIPR funds to a Government supply warehouse for these items. I'm not sure if the MORD is applicable? The vendor called and said she does not take MORDS only GPC or PO's. Our program does not allow for the limits to be raised on the GPC. Do I have to process a ratification if the CO concurred with a MORD as a method of payment for the deployment equipment? Or simply cut a PO, document the file, and move forward?


    There are many questions which I will try to answer.  1)  No J&A or sole source statement is required when doing an AbilityOne procurement.  See FAR 8.7 and FAR 6.302-5(b)(2) and 6.302-5 (c)(c)(ii). 

    2)  As this is a directed procurement IAW FAR 8.7, no synopsis is required.  It is under $25,000 (FAR5.101(a)(1)) and 5.202(a)(4).  No additional competition is required. 

    3)  IAW DFARS 219.201(c)(10)(A), a D Form 2579 will have to be completed.

    4)  Check with your comptroller/budget office to determine if the MORD is a proper purchase request that can be cited in a purchase order since the AbilityOne Store does not accept a MORD.  Also talk with your contracting officer about procedures to use. 

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