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    Would that bolt have a different SM&R Code at the "O" and the "D"? Or would it be a POAZZ regardless of the level of repair? Thank you


    It is possible for a single item to be assigned multiple SM&R codes.  Guidance for assigning of Source, Maintenance and Recoverability Codes is provided in Army Regulation 700‑82/SECNAVINST 4410.23/AFMAN 21–106 “Joint Regulation Governing the Use and Application of Uniform Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability Codes.”  Paragraph 2-2e of that regulation states “Particular SMR codes assigned to a specific support item may vary depending on the particular application of the item within an end item and between different end items.”
    For the bolt described in your question, the applicability of multiple SM&R codes would depend on whether or not the bolt is used in multiple items, and if so, the lowest authorized level of repair for those items.  If the bolt is only used in a single application in one component that is repairable at organizational level, but may also be repaired at depot level (for example, as part of an end item overhaul), then a single SM&R code showing organizational level as the lowest level authorized to remove/replace the bolt would apply.  However, if the bolt is used in two different components, one of which is repairable at organizational level, with the other repairable at depot level, then two SM&R codes would apply—one showing that the bolt may be removed/replaced at organizational level when used in the item that is repairable at the organizational level, the other code showing the bolt may only be removed/replaced at the depot level when used in the item repairable at the depot level.
    Incidentally, the SM&R Code cited in your question—POAZZ—may be erroneous, as it does not appear in the joint regulation as an acceptable SM&R Code.  The correct code for a consumable item that is procured, stocked for anticipated or known usage, and authorized removal/replacement at the organizational level would be PAOZZ.

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