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    Can anyone assist me in providing the information on the referenced link? Thanks in advance.


    In current practice, the ASME Y14.x standards generally govern the format and practices required for the TDP.
    But what really makes something a production level TDP is in right in the middle of MIL-STD-31000A paragraph "The product shall be defined to the extent necessary for a competent manufacturer to produce an item, which duplicates the physical, interface, and functional characteristics of the original product, without additional design engineering effort or recourse to the current design activity." If a TDP does not meet this criterion, it's not "production level".
    If there is further definition of the TDP in your contract, that will also impact what "shall" be in the data.
    Bottom line: Every production drawing ought to include tailored references to inform any competent manufacturer what needs to be done – both in manufacturing and testing. But if the drawing is already in the inventory, you will need to find somebody with the time, energy, and money to actually update it.

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