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    1. Does an acquisition program (let's say ACAT II) that is part of a new aircraft carrier (platform ACAT I) program have to follow the regular acquisition process or does it follow the ship acquisition process?


    Delayed delivery of GFE / GFI has been responsible for significant disruptions to past shipbuilding programs.  The Participating Acquisition Resource Managers (PARM) are the GFE / GFI Managers supporting the Ship Program Manager (PM) and are PM’s for their own systems.  As such, they should follow the acquisition model most appropriate for the type systems they are acquiring for the ship.  It is incumbent on the ship PM and Ship Design Manager (SDM) to maintain close liaison with the PARMs in order to be aware of challenges in delivery and be able to take actions to address impacts to the ship.  Primary responsibility for timely delivery of GFE / GFI belongs to the PARM, but the SDM should remain aware of the required delivery schedule and monitor possible problem areas.  If dates will not be met, the PARM must determine a fallback position for the Ship PM.

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