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    Can the GPC be used to purchase Group Lodging if it is under the micropurchase limit?


    As a general rule the GPC can only be used as a method of payment on a Government contract for Group Lodging.  Please see the DTMO website for information on group travel at -
    Additional guidance for use of the purchase card during Contingency, Emergency, and Humanitarian Aid Operations may be found in Appendix B of the DoD charge Card Guide book found at (see Appendix B).
    Other recommendations and guidance:
    Check to see if the Travel Card Program for the unit has Centrally Billed Accounts (CBA) travel cards to issue to the team lead to pay for group travel/lodging.
    If you do use the GPC as a payment method only, and not the contractual transaction; then you are not limited to the micro purchase threshold.  Note: the DPAP page is not showing any current PACOM “Declared” Contingencies, so your threshold for micro remains $3,000.
    Finally, terms and conditions are required for group lodging in addition to ensuring no meals, no room service, no phone calls, no movies or other items/services are not included in the lodging.  Only a Contracting Officer can award a contract with the appropriate restrictions, terms, conditions and clauses to protect the interest of the Government for group lodging.

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