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    Is it allowable for a C-Contract to have an IDIQ CLIN?


    The following response is based solely on the question and background information provided.  As we do not have all the facts particular to your contract, program and situation, we highly recommend you consult your Contracting Officer and Legal Office for guidance.
    I believe DFARS 204.7003 Basic PII number, (a)(3)(iii) states it best: 
    (iii) Contracts of all types EXCEPT indefinite-delivery contracts, sales contracts, and short form research contracts. Do not use this code for contracts or agreements with provisions for orders or calls. C.  In addition to the Fair Opportunity issues you mentioned in your request, you would have issues with a contract number as well as contracting reporting when trying to combine a "C" type contract with a "D" type contract.
    Consult with your agency attorney to ensure NGA does not have any unique circumstances dealing with this issue.

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