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    If the contractor request a debrief, even though, my instructions in the BAA instructions indicate no debriefings will occur, am I compelled to provide them a debrief? My position is no, but I solicit your inputs, thanks


    There are many procurements in acquisition that do not require debriefs. Simplified acquisitions under FAR Part 13, acquisitions under FAR Part 8, acquisitions under the Brooks Act (architect and engineering source selection), and Broad Agency Announcements are among those that do not require debriefings. This has been confirmed by recent GAO decisions (Gorod Shtor, May 2015). 
    If the BAA instructions indicate no debriefings will occur, you are not obligated to provide one. Even if your announcement did not mention debriefing, the nature of the procurement does not compel you to provide a debrief.  So no debrief is required, however if you choose to provide one it is clearly at the contracting officers largesse.    

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