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    Can a nonconforming component be marked to allow identification throughout its life cycle? What actions / contract modifications would be necessary to continue the practice? (when considered to be in the best interest of the government)


    Yes,  Nonconformimg Components must be marked with an identification number. Controlling nonconforming products is a fundamental quality control discipline.  Controlling Nonconformities is a defensive tactic.  The organization shall ensure that product requirements which do not conform to product requirements is identified and controlled to prevent its un-intended use or delivery.  The two words key words are "Identified" and "Control.  Simply put, an organization must identify products that don’t conform to requirements.  Everything must be identified.  The standard however doesn’t prescribe any particular methods of identifying nonconforming products.  You can use Tags, signs or stickers affixed to the product, labled bins, boxes and bags.  Remarks or descriptions written directly on the product.  Electronic identification and other types of identifying products.  Control summarizes all the methods that lead to desired outcomes: preventing nonconforming products from reaching the customer and eliminating the root causes of nonconforming products.  You can find greater detail in Quality Digest, an article written by Craig Cochran, Tilted "Putting the wraps on Nonconforming Products".  Eveything must be identified. 

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