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    Have found multiple high level figures of the DWCF. Know that the WCF operates, in theory, as follows: 1. Congress provides a one-time cash deposit. 2. Customer (warfighter) receives annual appropriations. 3. Customer sends work orders or project orders to the WCF provider. 4. Provider furnishes the service or product, pays for expenses incurred, and bills the customer. 5. Customer pays the bill. 6. Provider operating losses/gains (in the current year) increase/decrease customer rates in the following year. - Does a more detailed process flow map exist - one that may include the requirement for a Requirements validation Process or the Obligation requirement?


    There is not a process flow map that I could find.  A better understanding of DWCF can be facilitated by DoD 7000.14-R, Financial Management Regulation, Volume 2B (chapter 9) and volume 11B.  Also, you might find useful a power point presentation on the web at the following URL:

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