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    Shouldn't subcontractors being proposed on an acquisition of this magnitude be required to have CAGE codes?


    No, CAGE Codes are only required for the prime contractor.  See and search "cage codes" to find out more information regarding them. 

    Also DFARS PGI 204.1870-1, Instructions to contracting officers states, "Contracting officers shall— (a)  Assist offerors in obtaining the required Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) codes." Note that if an offeror’s facility requires security clearance in accordance with a potential contract, the offeror is required to have a CAGE code assigned to that facility. If the facility is a location other than the offeror’s office submitting the proposal, that facility is not required to be separately registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) in order to have a CAGE code assigned. Offerors may be directed to the DLA CAGE Branch (see PGI 204.1870-2(c)) for contact information. 

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