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    Joint EOD RDT&E and acquisition for EOD specific tools and equipment is managed by the Navy under a Single Manager construct defined in DoDD 5160.62P; what would be the required steps for transforming the Single Manager construct to a JPO? Are their any program size considerations such as ACAT level or FYDP funding profiles? Would the existing MDA initiate this change? If not the MDA, who would or could?


    PM needs to commence meetings with the OPNAV sponsor and the to-be JPO representatives, as well as program management equities.. PEO/PEOs need to be involved as well. Reps from all equities (requirements; T&E; Logistics, funding; costs; S&E, etc etc) need to be included to discuss implications and arrangements, as do PM MDA and potential JPO MDAs. There will be a lot to work out assuming this is a mandate to become a JPO - and that mandate must already be in place  in writing preferably signed by current PM/current MDA and to-be JPO and future MDA -before meetings begin.

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