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    Can you provide the explanation between the following: (1) Issue Paper, (2) Appeals, (3) Reclama We believe the following: Issue papers are used within internal DoD to address reprogramming decisions or to encourage reprogramming of your program. Appeals are used throughout the congressional committee, mark up, conference and language reporting phase up until the President signs the appropriations and authorization bills. Once the bills are signed, the reclama process addresses specific outcome of the signed appropriations and authorization bills. We recognize that out of convenience this entire process is commonly referred to as "reclama". I think what we are finding is that each PEO and organization has used different terminology.


    Unfortunately, DoD's general practice is to refer to any "defense" of an impending cut as a reclama.  More specifically, however, issue papers are used to handle disconnects within the POM process and  reclamas are used to avoid proposed budget cuts in the BES.  Notwithstanding that Congressional actions can force reapportionment in the BES,  the reclama process is the general process for avoiding cuts in the BES regardless of their source (i.e. Services, OMB, etc.).  DoD appeals are used in the Congressional process to address Congressional "marks."

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