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    Can a warranted contracting authorize work for a vendor who has a contract in place, but there is not money obligated to cover that authorized expense. The expense would be to snow plow runways which are mission essential function?


    No.  Authorizing work without having the funds, even if a contract is in-place, would be a violation of the Anti-Deficiency Act.  The violation takes place upon signature of the order, not upon the date the contractor bills the Government.  Thus, do not order the snow removal because you believe the OARS process will get you the money in time to pay the bill.  Because this is a "hard" constraint, your base's leaders, in conjunction with the contracting and finance offices, must decide what other budget cuts to make in order to have funding to pay for snow removal.  Operational units often begin such cuts with their grounds maintenance and custodial support contracts, as long as they use the same type of funds as the emergency requirements.

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