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    Who does DAU define Product, Project and Initiative? We have ACAT Programs, but what is under them is not well defined. That is why we are asking for help. Thanks!


    From the DAU Glossary at


    1. The result of research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) in terms of hardware or software being produced (manufactured). Also known as an end item.
    2. The item stipulated in a contract to be delivered under the contract (i.e., service, study, or hardware).


    1. Synonymous with program in general usage.
    2. Specifically, a planned undertaking having a finite beginning and ending, involving definition, development, production, and logistics support (LS) of a major weapon or weapon support system or systems. A project may be the whole or a part of a program.
    No DoD official term for initiative found.

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