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    Is the DGARS still a regulation we can use for guidance or has it been cancelled? Per DoD Directive Number 3210.06, dated February 6, 2014 it says in enclosure 1 that, (a) DoD Directive 3210.6, Defense Grant and Agreement Regulatory System (DGARS), December 17, 2003 (hereby cancelled) I'd like to get a PDF copy of the DGRS so that I can refresh my knowledge on the grant / cooperative assistance agreements process. Can you recommend or suggest publications that I could use to refresh my Grant knowledge? Has something replaced the DGARS? My work e-mail is, home e-mail is I appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thanks, MAJ Newell


    I have contacted some folks in DoD and have requested they get in contact with you next week.  In the meantime, the DoDGARS can be found at;node=32%3A1.

    A recent consolidation of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars that formed the basis for the administrative requirements, cost principles and audit requirements, have been consolidated and relocated to Title 2 Chapter II of the Code of Federal Regulations (2 CFR part 200) entitled: “Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards.”  This change is being implemented by DoD and will effect the DoDGARS.
    Again, someone should be in touch with you to provide further information next week. 

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