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    If there is not a current agreement with a partner nation for an Engineering and Scientist Exchange Program under the DoD could another agency's agreement be utilized to exchange personnel? (i.e. Department of Commerce, State, or etc.)


    Federal agencies have specific policies that outline these kind of developmental opportunities for their personal within their respective organizations and sometimes outside to include exchange programs.   The DoD already has a number of engineering and scientist exchange programs with partner nations although it sounds like the DoD doesn’t currently include the partner nation you prefer. You’ll have to check with your personnel office to see if they would permit you to pursue another Federal Agency exchange program slot if you found one in place they may not be able to fill, internally.  If you’ve been contacted by another partner nation about an exchange program, please make sure you notify your leadership.  There are many questions that need to addressed early in the process well before the DoD can make any commitments.  Generally, exchange programs are also very popular and very competitive though.   Most partnerships are reciprocal as well (e.g. “one-for one”).  Again, check with your personnel office for specifics.  I recommend that you conduct some preliminary research into what it takes to establish a new partnership if required.

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