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    Is there any resource that can tell me what what, if any, differences exist between the MRL Deskbook from Oct 2012 and the current May 2015 version? Is there a spreadsheet that details what changes were made between the two versions of this deskbook?


    The DOD MRL website at has links to the 2014 Workshop that identifies some of the then proposed changes.  The updates mainly reflected changes to DODI 5000 documents, and changes to the acquisition framework model.  There were some changes in terminology and tied a few items to AS 9100 and AS 6500.  There is no document that specifically lists out all of the changes.  My recommendation is to change to the new Deskbook if the contractor is willing to do so at no cost to the government, and the changes are so minor that this should be a no cost mod.  If the contractor does want to charge for the change, then I recommend staying with the Deskbook version called out in the original contract since there is virtually no impact to the program. Please feel free to contact me directly if you wish to discuss in detail.

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