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    Can a Public Private Partnership be set up with a Theater Aviation Support Maintenance Group (TASM-G) instead of with a designated Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence (CITE)?


    According to DoD Instruction 4151.21, Public-Private Partnerships for Depot-Level Maintenance, “a public-private partnership for depot-level maintenance under 10 U.S.C. §2474 is a cooperative arrangement between an organic depot-level maintenance activity and one or more private sector entities to perform DoD or Defense-related work and/or to utilize DoD depot facilities and equipment. Other government organizations, such as program offices, inventory control points, and materiel/systems/logistics commands, may be parties to such agreements.”

    While your organization can form a "partnership" with any organization, in order to comply with USC Title 10 and be termed a Public and Private Partnership, 10 USC 2474 and 2563 must be adhered to.  In the case of partnering with a non CITE organization, the arrangement would be via an MOU or MOA, vice a contract.  Also, your organization would not be able to benefit from the various exclusion provisions of a public and private partnership.

    Additional information can be found in The Public-Private Partnering for Sustainment ─ A DoD Guidebook.  Which can found at the following link: 

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