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    Can we use expiring FY13 Missile Procurement funding to fund a program that was not in existence until FY15, based on all the information above?


    Looking at the Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation (DoD FMR), Volume 2A, Chapter 1, Paragraph 010107.B.25, we see that the period of availability for incurring new obligations for procurement funds is three years.  This means that if you have FY13 procurement funds, they are available for new obligations during FY13, FY14, and FY15 as long as the bona fide need is anytime during that three year period.  However, the FMR also addresses full funding in Volume 2A, Chapter 1, Paragraph 010202. Full Funding of Procurement Programs.  Subparagraph A.1. states: “The full funding policy is intended to prevent the use of incremental funding, under which the cost of a weapon system is divided into two or more annual portions or increments. Thus, full funding provides disciplined approach for program managers to execute their programs within cost and available funding.” 
    Therefore, you are correct that using FY13 funds in addition to FY15 funds would not be in accordance with DoD policy for your situation.

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