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    Has DoD provided any implementing guidance for its June 1994 policy memo? If so, could you provide me a copy of such guidance, or a good reference to a source where it may be obtained? Thanks.


    The "Perry memo" of 1994 is not a current policy document (it was rescinded in October of 2004.) At the DoD level, there is no longer any guidance which excludes lower tiered references from being contractually binding. (Your service may have further restrictions or instructions in this area, so be sure to contact your service's acquisition support organization for further guidance.)
    The current DoD expectation is that specifications, standards, and handbooks "form a part of" the document which cites them (to the extent that these "tiered" documents are specified in the parent document.) This is why you should avoid citing an entire document in the "Applicable Documents" section of your specification unless the entire referenced document really applies. In most cases you should tailor by citing only the appropriate sections of each applicable document. 
    Federal Acquisition Regulation FAR 11.201 "Identification and Availability of Specifications"
    DoD Standard Practice MIL-STD-961E, "Defense and Program-Unique Specifications Format and Content", 9 January 2014 Department of Defense Manual DoDM 4120.24, "Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Procedures", September 24, 2014.

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