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    What is the requirements flow for a DoD component to utilize depots that are certified to a specific standard? Anything in Title 10, DODINST, etc. that states "thou shalt certify the depot to such and such a standard before using it as a source of repair"? Thanks.


    At the DoD level, there is no certification process for a government depot facility to perform depot level maintenance.  The mere fact that a facility is doing depot level work, as it is defined in section 2460 of Title 10, designates the facility as a depot.   The closest you can come to a certification for a depot would be for that depot to be designated a Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence (CITE) as per section2474 of Title 10.  This allows the depot to engage in Public Private Partnerships. 

    However, please note that this is actually a “designation” not a certification.  Additionally, various depots will seek out certifications in areas such as quality (i.e. ISO).  These certifications are not for depots to be able to perform work, but rather as a selling point for depots to increase their workload.

    At the program office level, there is also no DoD requirement for a “certification” process in order for a depot to receive that program’s workload.  Rather than a certification process, program offices should go through a workload allocation process that takes into account factors such as statutory requirements, DoD/service policy requirements, and overall best value of support to determine which organization will perform required depot level work.  To help weigh these factors, a program office, can use a tool such as Business Case Analysis (BCA) to determine how best to meet support requirements.

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